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Family Music Class for all ages

The moment I walked in I knew that I had found something special. My 3 year old and I had no idea what to expect that day. Let me back up... earlier this summer I had the opportunity to attend a sample music class with a friend in Clear Lake at A Minor Melody. I thought maybe we would hear someone sing with their guitar. Maybe my daughter would sing, maybe she'd curl up on the floor and pretend to be a dog.

Having done some research on music programs in the Houston area, I knew that there was a big difference between library time (but GOSH I LOVE library singing / playtime, and still 100% think it is so valuable) and a formal, structured, focused music program my musicians and music educators. Unfortunately what I wanted to do was just a little out of my price range. So we walked in and sat down.

The class was a Music Together® Family class. It was unstructured, allowing all the children permission to participate, or not. To observe, or experiment with voice and instrument at their own comfort level. The music was stimulating and complicated to the ears, not "kiddie songs". The emphasis was on enjoyment and not performance. All the teacher asked was that I - the parent- show enjoyment and participate. Easy enough. Pressure is off. Just have fun! And we did.

When I left, I knew that class was everything I was looking for in a music class for my daughter... and so much more.

We now attend weekly and listen to our CDs in the car & home every day. We use the music books at home for fun and learning. Music has naturally just saturated into our daily lives.... just as it should.

If you have a nanny with your kids at home, or are able to take your baby, toddler, or children to class I highly recommend this program. It is a valuable asset to our community.

What is Music Together®?

Music Together is an innovative music and movement program for children ages newborn to age five years and their parents or caregivers, that is based on the belief that all children are inherently musical. Since 1987, Music Together has introduced millions of children, parents and caregivers to the joys of making music. Our research-based curriculum is now taught in more than 2500 locations around the world, including right here in Houston at Memorial Music Together.

All Children Are Musical!

At Music Together we believe that music ability is as basic to life as walking or talking, and that it is every child's birthright to participate with pleasure and confidence in the music of our culture. We introduce children to the joys of making music instead of passively receiving it from CD's and television. Because very young children instinctively respond to and imitate their loved ones, the active participation of parents and caregivers - regardless of their musical ability - is an essential part of the rich musical environment we create. Music Together parents discover what a powerful role model they are for their child, just by having fun with the music themselves! And by providing CD's and songbooks to take home, we hope to inspire music-making in your everyday family life.

A Research-based Program

Music Together is grounded in research in music and early childhood development. When creating the program, coauthors Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz, examined the field of music education—and then reached beyond it into the realm of early childhood learning. They realized that even the best song they could discover or compose would miss the mark if not presented in ways children can receive readily and process meaningfully.

So, the pair turned to the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and early childhood learning for valuable insights into how the brain processes and organizes musical material, how children learn, and how the surrounding environment can support this learning. Then they distilled their findings into four basic principles, which remain the cornerstones of Music Together's philosophy today.

( Information Shown is from Music Together , and Memorial Music Together. )

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A Minor Melody

Family Music Classes for Baby & Up - Music Together®

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