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Keeping Cool in the Stroller

The good news... summer is here! The bad news... HEAT is here. For many Stroller Strides mamas, baseball / softball mamas, hike it baby mamas.... have found that are so many options for keeping cool! You can get outside with your baby safely and enjoy your summer.

Stay out of the sun during the middle of the day. In other words... picnic early (hello brunch), workout early in the day, and stay inside from 11-3 (hello nap time).

  • Ice packs wrapped in a room temperature towel can help cool babies bumpkin in the stroller.
  • Frozen water bottles - these are perfect for Stroller Strides! Babies are fascinated with the bumpy sounds of the bottle after thawing, and you can drink it after your workout!
  • Ice cubes with the hard shell are a go - to item for me in the summer. I fill my lunch bag with them, and let my toddler play with them. Ice cold, and they don't leak due to the thick plastic shell. Dish wash, and freeze!
  • I love a cooling towel! You can refrigerate it, bring it for you or your child to play with. Buy one just for them! Mine gets covered in neck sweat, so I let my child have her own. Pregnant? Don't leave for the sunshine without it.
  • spray bottles are magic! Fill with water and give yourself and your baby a spritz when the heat is unbearable.
  • Misting fans are awesome too, however I have yet to find one that doesn't fall apart after my 2 year old touches it. Recommendations??
  • clip on fans - by the type that have an enclosed fan blade... too many kiddos get their locks tangled by the soft felt blades
  • keep them dressed in light clothing. Diaper. onesie. Done.
  • Squirt guns - keep the fun in summer! spray mama at Stroller Strides and get her motivated.
  • cooling pad for the stroller - these take the temperature down in the stroller for baby (Geleeo Pad about $50)
  • Rtic mug of ice and water in my car at the beginning of every day. It will keep my water cold during my workout, even in the heat of Texas for hours. Love it.

Change it up from day to day!

Eat For HEAT. Bring lots of water for you and your child. If you are a breastfeeding mama, consider how much you are both sweating and compensate with extra water and moist foods in moms diet (> 90% water content) like watermelon, spinach, strawberry, starfruit, cauliflower, grapefruit, cantaloupe, broccoli, celery, iceberg lettuce, radish, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber. Baby may need more hydration from you so keep your body ready to go, stave off dehydration.

Drink Better. Drink alkaline water before, during, and after exercising and spending time in the sun. Drink when you aren't thirsty. Drink to prevent thirst. Coconut water is a great way to replace electrolytes without adding sugars into your diet. Make alkaline water at home! Water + baking soda, ph strips, lemon, coral calcium powder, filtered water, and sea salt.

Stay in the shade whenever you can.

ENJOY your summer!

See you at Stroller Strides!!

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