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Lazy Mama Ideas: TABATA! HiiT House Cleaning?!?

You know the feeling.... The house is a wreck or generally needs work in EVERY ROOM... but your body is saying "NETFLIX, SOFA, RELAX". Now, I am always going to vote for relax a bit... cause the dishes WILL wait. That's just me. But I am talking about that seriously unable to clean anything feeling, or to care one bit about it. If you don't know what I am talking about then you are a way cleaner lady than me, and well, this lazy mama's idea/tip probably won't help you! (Please share yours below in the comments... people like me NEED your passion for clean!)

If you DO know that feeling... where you just need someone to inhabit your body while you zone out for an hour... then guess what? I HAD A BREAK THROUGH IDEA! I was feeling the same way. Yet, the chores were piling up.

Time for a Housecleaning TABATA Session! (Tabata Pro Online This app is for timing your fitness for quick transitions and repeated sets of intense fitness. Ok, so Hiit fitness is NOT really apart of this idea.. I mean not how I clean my house anyway. (Share any ideas below on this!) Back to Tabata - Here is how to use this app to motivate you to clean. Once you start it, you can pause it—of course my child is going to have a melt down just as I get off my tookas and do something productive! Once the melt down is over, just press resume and keep going. There is this awesome coach whistle that blows the last few seconds, cuing you aurally that the horror of intense cleaning for that room is about to end, and its time to transition to the next room. (thank goodness!)

Here is how you use the Tabata Timer fitness settings to get your house clean. Now, lets just define the level of housecleaning we are going for with this solution. This is NOT the "Invite guests over" level of clean, this is the "I can stop feeling lame about the state of my house" level of clean!! This is also not the time to organize the closet, print labels for the kid's dresser, or alphabetize the bookshelf. This is the time to look for unsanitary conditions and find the carpet. Sorting into piles might be necessary for carpet to be found. This Tabata Solution will work for this level of clean. Check it out:

Prepare: Use this time to start, you will only do this once. Unless you get SO motivated that you want to run through all the rooms of your house AGAIN. Hey, anything is possible.

Work: Use this for the # minutes and # seconds you want to actually CLEAN. Keep it low, be realistic. No one actually wants to clean. 5 min? I've done 1 min. Really!

Rest: This is the time you give yourself to wrap it up, and move to the next room. Keep it under two minutes. Part of my cleaning this way is making a bag or box of items that need to go to a different room (kids toy to go to upstairs bedroom). Place the bag/box at the bottom of the stairs and take it with you and empty it when starting that room. Maybe that will take the full 5 min. Sweet. Fill that now empty bag/box with items that inevitably need to go right back to the room you came from down stairs. Leave it at the top of the stairs, or nested to one side of the stairs. Move on.An organized pile is totally acceptable. Tabata said move, so NEXT! Let it go! Done!

Cycles: Use this to set the # of rooms in your house. Bathrooms, bedroom, pantry, foyer… you know what needs attention. Start in the easiest room then the most important, then easy, then important. That works for me. Do your thing.

Tabatas: Use this to set the number of times you want to go through the house again. O-N-E. ONE. ONCE. 1. Ein. Uno. OoooooooooooNnnnnnnnEeeee.

Seriously, this app gets me through the rough days. You can set music on the $2.99 version. Or use the free on and play music on your phone. Tabata timer will run in the background. Just carry your phone and cleaning bucket around and get focused. I pretend I am paying someone for those few minutes, and how much harder would I work for someone else, right?? (If you know me it is a LOT harder... I have a tendency to brown nose.)

This will allow you to go from ZERO cleaning, to at least 5 minutes in each room! You can get a ton done in a focused 5 minutes. Then. Crash. Netflix. Play toys with your adorable child. Live life. The rest of the house can wait.

Sincerely, Your Not-So-Motivated-To-Clean-Mama-Friend , Amy!

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