Lessons from the Stomach Flu

If I was a superhero (and my little definitely looks to me as one), my nemesis would be the STOMACH FLU. Uhhh boy. Nothing gets me down like this super contagious viral tummy bug.

I would like to take a moment to document my last week for your sheer enjoyment: Puke. Puke. Migraine. Water & crackers. Nap. Pacing. Netflix. Water & crackers. Puke. Pacing gain. Nap. Diarrhea. Migraine. Water & crackers. More Pacing around at 2 am. Water & crackers. Diarrhea. Puke.

Spread this out over 4 days, my poor little and I were suffering. Also suffering? My laundry machine! I washed the sheets /blankets three times, and ran 3 loads of "super nasty" clothes. Ran out of clorox scrubbing bubbles and wipes, as well as toilet paper.

She told my husband, "Mommy can't do ANYTHING." It was soo true! In that moment, no. I could not even find her favorite DVD and put it in the Xbox. Her poignant comment made me feel even worse, though I knew she was right.

The AMAZING this is that we were home. Not traveling. So I count my blessings. She watched more TV/tablet this week than ever in her life, but MOMMY NEEDED REST. I certainly wasn't about to call in help and risk others getting sick. Did she eat a gourmet diet while I was out of it? No. I'll admit.... at one point I just warmed up a microwave meal for her and laid down. Opening the fridge was just too much at that point.

The flip side of this week?

Hugs. Cuddles, Snuggles. Helper. More Hugs. More Cuddles. Pictures for Mommy. Empathy. Sympathy. Quiet talk. Hugs. Cuddles. Helper. Big Helper. Cuddles. Snuggles. Gentle hugs.

What did I learn?

When I can't be supermom... my little can step up and be a super BIG girl helper and care giver. She really can.

- Amy

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