Shopkins Playtime

If you have a young daughter, then chances are some of these "shopkins" may have found their way into your home as well. At first I was annoyed with more little collectible toys to keep track of and organize. Then I began to watch as my daughter played with them. They had names, personalities, and they soon became her favorite playthings. Shopkins in the Barbie kitchen, all over the table, in the pockets of the car door, and, well... Yes they were everywhere!!

I struggle to enjoy pretend play- it's just not my thing- so here was more I couldn't do with her.

However overtime and with her adorable love for these toys, I began to find ways to play together with her.

Here are some of our games we play:


✅ by color

✅ by function (dinner, dessert, wearables, appliances)


✅ look for "Twinsies" (identical)

✅ look for "Cousins" (same type but different color)


✅ place a mystery shopkins inside hand have your child guess after a series of clues.

✅ give her a chance to give clues about what they hid inside

Integrated pretend play:

✅ have Barbie or Elsa dolls go shopping for shopkins

✅ trade shopkins between dolls

✅ move shopkins into doll house or princess palace

✅ have a shopkins party or ball at the little people's palace

✅ play hide & seek with a few shopkins

✅ play hot/cold by hiding a hand ful (or just one) in the room after your child leaves and counts to 10

What about you? Do you or your child have other fun games to play with Shopkins?

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