Should you join a run club?

Run clubs...

Just like group fitness they offer the accountability of a buddy who needs you there as much as you need them. You offer each other: Motivation. Pacing. Honest Feedback. Accountability.

Who can be in a run club?

Walkers? Runners? Marathon runners? Sprinters?

Yes, well it depends on the club. Some clubs are set up to run a set path as a group, or split into fast/slow group. Sometimes you start at the same time, and wait until everyone crossed the finish line.

La Porte Bike Trail

If you are looking for a 4 mile run, we did a run club in the fall of 2015 that had a 2 mile and a 4 mile run. We parked at the Pecan Baseball Fields park, then walked across Fairmont Pkwy & Canada Rd intersection to the bike trail heading east along Fairmont. From this position, we split into a 2 mile or a 4 mile group, and took off at our own pace. Most of us had strollers and some had a friend or two with them.

The four mile mark was Bay Area Blvd, the two mile mark was a bit trickier - 1/2 between Fair and Malone.

Evening Run Club Route.PNG
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