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Fit Moms of Mont Belvieu - Fit Moms ROCK!

Looking for Body Back Transformation sessions in Mont Belvieu? Register Here.

Stroller fitness classes will be offered year round:

  • Tuesday / Thursday ᛫ 9:30 AM ᛫ Stroller Strides Eagle Pointe Recreation Center- 12450 Eagle Pointe Dr, Baytown, TX 77523. We gather in front of the entrance, in the grassy island.
  • Wednesday / Friday ᛫ 9:30 AM ᛫ Stroller Barre ᛫ City of Mont Belvieu Park- 10900 Eagle Dr, Mont Belvieu, TX 77523. We gather outside by the lake pavilion, first lot to the LEFT.

Registration Fee due the first day of class: $30 (bag, tubing, FIT4MOM merchandise), or upgrade to $45 (bag, tubing, FIT4MOM merchandise and a super comfy t shirt)

Monthly & Drop in rate are available for non-gym members. The class is free for Eagle Pointe members. Pre-registration through Eagle Pointe Rec Center is required for everyone.

Submit Registration Form to sign up today! Here are some Eagle Pointe Stroller Strides Frequently Asked Question.

Questions: For Stroller Strides® questions, call Amy Gwin at (832)306-9827 or

Are you interested in adding some fitness in your motherhood routine? Looking for a supportive group of moms who workout with their babies and kids? Try Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre! Our instructors are prenatal certified, following the most recent ACOG guidelines, so pregnant mommies can get their exercise in, safely in our classes as well.

Stroller Strides® is a stroller-based fitness program designed for moms with little ones. Each 60-minute, total body workout incorporates power walking, strength, toning, songs and activities. Certified fitness instructors offer a variety of fun class formats both indoors and outdoors. All locations also offer a free playgroup with Our Village so moms can form lasting friendships with other moms through organized play dates, moms' nights out, and activities for the whole family.

Stroller Barre® is a new class format from Stroller Strides which incorporates movements from pilates, ballet and barre methods to provide a unique and effective workout for the pre and postnatal mom. Stroller Barre uses tubing, the stroller and the environment to provide an all over toning and fat burning experience.


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Are you a regular? Help us plan out a better class and have enough supplies... go through the next few months and register for the classes you plan to attend. You can also receive email alerts if the location or details change.


Our Village

Fit Moms of Mont Belvieu! < -- Join for online mom support group, playdates, virtually connect for free. Our Village is for all moms. Connect with moms from class, or join in on just the playdates and moms night outs!

p: 12813856668


Contact Amy Gwin to get your local business ad to local moms. (Due to corporate restrictions, no fitness/vitamins/supplements/diet products partnerships are allowed)


As you all know our bodies are constantly changing during pregnancy! A woman’s body will go through more changes during the 9 months of her pregnancy than a man’s will in his entire life! It’s important to know how these changes can affect your exercise routine. And it’s also important to know what signs your body will give you to tell you to slow down or stop.

One of the ways your body prepares to give birth is through the hormone relaxin. This hormone kicks in to loosen your joints, particularly those of the pelvic bones in order to more easily deliver a baby. However, relaxin can affect other joints of your body as well, and you may notice that you feel a little wobbly at times. It is important to be careful during exercise when doing side to side movements or balance activities because your joints are more likely to give out in these situations. Another time to be careful of this is during stretching. Stretching is very important during pregnancy but overstretching can be a problem while the joints are so loose.

As the baby grows and the uterus enlarges, all the...


I recently had a "bad massage". Has this happened to you? I asked for deep tissue full body massage, but what I got was someone who clearly was new to the job or "winging it". I am still sore and achy a week later! Yikes! This really isn't a reflection of massage therapy as a profession, because I could have spoken up. I could have said 'no, stop. no, too hard, no, that's too tender, no.."

Why didn't I? Silly, right? Well - there I am- bare and face down under a sheet, on a table, in a dark room, in a long hallway, with a stranger, Somehow, I was intimated, embarrassed for her not knowing how to do her job... silly right?

Silly. But then I remembered the fundamental power a person in charge has, like with teaching a class. I had to ask myself, do moms in my Stroller Strides class feel this inability to speak their concerns to me? Am I making myself open and concerned for their safety. Do I regularly ask, "Any questions? How are you feeling?".

After college, when I became a geographic information systems analyst, I joined the...


The first time I ran across Fit4Mom I was looking to begin working out after having my first baby. I loved kids and was looking forward to having some of my own so it was a perfect fit for me. I started going to Stroller Strides in Clear Lake mid summer, and absolutely loved it! I loved working out with other moms and while meeting their fitness goals. After taking two sessions of Body Back - I exceeded my fitness goals. I never thought I could run, plank, burpee, and build my abs!

Fast forward to fall 2014-- I wanted to look at bringing classes closer to my home, in case I did get pregnant, I wanted to be able to make it to class with the new baby. Afterall, I couldn't imagine life without my support group and this workout routine that worked so well for me and my daughter. One of the biggest factors in my decision was that I wanted this group to be around when I had my own children. I wanted them to grow up with an awesome group of playmates, as well as experience firsthand moms who make health a priority. So, I purchased a FIT4MOM La Porte | Deer Park | Pasadena...

A Minor Melody

Family Music Classes for Baby & Up - Music Together®

Bayou Baby Children's Boutique

Stroller Strides is not just a "stroll in the park", but a challenging workout for all levels of fitness.

Serving moms in La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Deer Park, Baytown, Pasadena, Houston, and surrounding areas.