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Stroller Strides®

Do I have to enroll for class before I come?

Yes, you must pay before you attend Stroller Strides® at this location. EPRC is covering the cost of the class to make it free for members. For non-members interested in taking the class, there is a monthly class fee of $35.

Non-EPRC members:

  • Choose to pay monthly $35/month

  • Can opt for the convenience of auto-billing (can anytime) $35/month
  • Choose to pay a drop-in rate $8 / class

If you’re interested in membership at EPRC, visit the Membership page on our website. Family memberships for as low as $38/month.

Submit Registration Form to sign up today!

Registration Fee due to the instructor on the first day of class: $30 (bag, band, merch), or upgrade to $45 (bag, band, merch and tshirt)

Questions: For Stroller Strides® questions, call Amy Gwin at (760) 593-7150 or

Can I sign up for Body Back in Mont Belvieu?

Yes! Get more information on that amazing program here.

When do I pay the registration fee?

Members & Non-Member alike- $30 Registration Bag or optional upgrade to $45 Registration Bag + New Member Tee Bring credit card or cash with you to your first class to get a FIT4MOM® Stroller Strides® bag full of class specific accessories. If you stop coming to classes for awhile, then return - you do NOT have to pay this fee again.

What is a Stroller Strides class like?

Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking or jogging and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller, and the environment. Taught by certified instructors, it's a great workout for any level of exerciser. We keep our little ones entertained with songs, counting, fingerplays, tickling and bubbles!

What if my child isn't happy in the stroller?

Here are some tips for keeping a happy Stroller Strides class:

● Bring a "special" toy that your child only gets during class.

● Make sure to bring plenty of snacks.

● Designate "Stroller only" toys

● Tickles & kisses

● Turn stroller away from mommy

● Park next to new friends

● Trade Strollers with another mom

Here are some age specific ways to help:

Ages 1 and under: Provide a "lovey" or favorite teething toy, cover the stroller with a blanket to shield some light and noise (especially at nap time), sometimes these things can be overwhelming to an infant. After 10 months: start to use a snack trap with something to eat. Be careful with your selection of snack as many may become choking hazards.

Age 1-2: Get to class early for some run around or play at the playground time. Use interactive toys such as phones, books that make sound, nursery rhyme toys, and drawing toys during class. If a toddler just won't cooperate, do not get frustrated, because they will pick up on that. Try to speak quietly to calm them down.

Age 2-3: Get to class early and let your child run around or play at the playground before class. Let them help pick songs either in the car on the way to class or on the fly at class. Try coloring books with mess free markers, sticker books, and finger puppets.

Age 3+: In addition to the above suggestions, let your child be a STAR!! Children in this age group love to be the “Big Kid”. Enlist their help in entertaining the smaller children with props you can bring from home, or borrow from your instructor. Puppets, bubble guns, books, show and tell – use your imagination. Allow your child to gather items from your home in a special bag to show the other children. If they will be passed around, make sure they are safe for smaller children, and not favorites that could become broken.

All kids like to test boundaries, and if you let them out once, they will forever be testing you to see if you will do it again. Be consistent and they will know you mean business! As always, we will do our best throughout class to ensure your child is happy and having a good time through songs, bubbles, puppets, books, pushing your stroller, etc. We appreciate your help in following the Stroller Safety rules and look forward to continue providing you with a great workout and fun environment for your children.


What kind of Stroller do I need?

Any stroller that isn't prone to tipping. We've had moms use everything from a snap-n-go to a BOB Revolution and everything in the middle.

We generally recommend that you stay away from umbrella strollers, but you DO NOT need a jogger or expensive stroller!

If I am pregnant or just recently gave birth, do I need a physicians release to participate in class?

If you are currently pregnant, we welcome you to participate in Stroller Strides and/or Stroller Barre as long as your doctor has approved you to exercise. We ask that you listen to your body and take frequent breaks as needed.

If you recently gave birth, you must be AT LEAST 6 weeks postnatal before attending first class, but a physicians release is not required. If you are LESS THAN 6 weeks postnatal, a physicians release is required before participating in your first class.

The release may be submitted to the instructor at the time of your first class.

What do I do if my baby gets fussy?

Our classes are the safest places to be if something is bothering your baby. We are all moms and have dealt with fussy babies at some point in class. Your baby will most likely not be the loudest or noisiest in class that day.

Some of the "veteran" moms have great tips/tricks for babies at all ages. One popular suggestion is to bring a front carrier with you to class. Our instructors are great at offering modifications for all exercises while carrying your baby.

Our first priority is the happiness of your baby. Feel free to tend to your baby first; feel free to nurse/feed your baby at any station if needed. Because we stop every few minutes for body toning, you can always catch up with us if you get behind. If your baby is fussy to the point that you want to leave - we understand, Mama, but we don't mind fussy babies. In fact your instructor might just be looking for an excuse to hold a baby that day! Our instructors will do their very best to make the class enjoyable for both you and your baby!

What should I wear for class?

  • Sneakers
  • Clothes you can move/sweat in

How much do classes cost?

EPRC is covering the cost of the class to make it free for members. For non-members interested in taking the class, there is a monthly class fee of $35. ALSO There is a required one time registration fee to participate in this class.

Registration Fee: Members & Non-Member alike- $30 Registration Bag or optional upgrade to $45 Registration Bag + New Member Tee Bring credit card or cash with you to your first class to get a Fit4Mom Stroller Strides® bag full of class specific accessories.

How do I know if class is being held?

Download your Eagle Pointe App!

You will receive a notification to your device if classes have been cancelled, or moved. Also, a notification will be posted to the FIT4MOM La Porte / Mont Belvieu facebook page

Don't have Facebook? No problems. Check our Facebook page on the website... you can view all the Facebook posts HERE.

FIT4MOM Mont Belvieu Stroller Strides Weather Policy

What should I bring with me to class?

  • Your baby :)
  • Plenty of water
  • Sunblock/shade for you and baby
  • Anything Baby will need (diapers, bottles, nursing cover, clothes, snacks, toys, etc)
  • Anything you may need (nursing pads, wallet, hat/sunglasses, etc).
  • A mat/towel/blanket for floor exercises

How old does my baby have to be?

We are more concerned with YOU and if you've been cleared by your doctor to resume regular activities (including exercise). If you've delivered vaginally, this is typically at 6 weeks, or 8 weeks if you had a c-section. Once cleared, you can begin classes whenever you're ready!

Children can take classes with you up to any age so long as they still enjoy a ride in the stroller. ALWAYS get your doctor’s permission before starting this or any other kind of exercise program.

Can I attend once a week only?

Yes! You can attend as it fits your family plans. However, there is no special rate for once a week attendance. Eagle Pointe Stroller Strides classes break down to $3.90 per class. This is a significant discount considering the national rate is $65/month, or $15-$7 per class.

May I bring my pet along to a workout if he/she is on a leash?

While we love our furbabies, we ask that you leave the furry friends at home during our class hours. We take the safety of all moms and children very seriously and want to make sure everyone feels secure and gets a great workout in with each class.

Is there a drop-in rate?

Yes, Eagle Pointe has an $8 drop in rate. Use your Eagle Pointe App, or contact the front desk to get set up. Payment is due before class.

    Address: 12450 Eagle Pointe Dr, Baytown, TX 77523

    Phone:(281) 385-6668

How can I become a FIT4MOM instructor?

Contact your local franchisee if you are interested. You must be sponsored before registering.

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Stroller Strides is not just a "stroll in the park", but a challenging workout for all levels of fitness.

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