What if my child isn't happy in the stroller?

Here are some tips for keeping a happy Stroller Strides class:

● Bring a "special" toy that your child only gets during class.

● Make sure to bring plenty of snacks.

● Designate "Stroller only" toys

● Tickles & kisses

● Turn stroller away from mommy

● Park next to new friends

● Trade Strollers with another mom

Here are some age specific ways to help:

Ages 1 and under: Provide a "lovey" or favorite teething toy, cover the stroller with a blanket to shield some light and noise (especially at nap time), sometimes these things can be overwhelming to an infant. After 10 months: start to use a snack trap with something to eat. Be careful with your selection of snack as many may become choking hazards.

Age 1-2: Get to class early for some run around or play at the playground time. Use interactive toys such as phones, books that make sound, nursery rhyme toys, and drawing toys during class. If a toddler just won't cooperate, do not get frustrated, because they will pick up on that. Try to speak quietly to calm them down.

Age 2-3: Get to class early and let your child run around or play at the playground before class. Let them help pick songs either in the car on the way to class or on the fly at class. Try coloring books with mess free markers, sticker books, and finger puppets.

Age 3+: In addition to the above suggestions, let your child be a STAR!! Children in this age group love to be the “Big Kid”. Enlist their help in entertaining the smaller children with props you can bring from home, or borrow from your instructor. Puppets, bubble guns, books, show and tell – use your imagination. Allow your child to gather items from your home in a special bag to show the other children. If they will be passed around, make sure they are safe for smaller children, and not favorites that could become broken.

All kids like to test boundaries, and if you let them out once, they will forever be testing you to see if you will do it again. Be consistent and they will know you mean business! As always, we will do our best throughout class to ensure your child is happy and having a good time through songs, bubbles, puppets, books, pushing your stroller, etc. We appreciate your help in following the Stroller Safety rules and look forward to continue providing you with a great workout and fun environment for your children.

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