Stroller Strides


Amy Gwin and Kalli Malone because of you both and this great program, I have lost 41 pounds. Thank you ladies.

Stroller Strides

Gina N.

Love, love, love Stroller Strides. Awesome workouts and an amazing group of women...and babies ;)

Stroller Strides

Teresa S.

Great group of women working together on getting a solid work out in. Love the supportive environment and the instructors are so amazing with fun workouts and helping with the kiddos when needed!

Stroller Strides

Merry Lynn D.

Fantastic group! Amy is a great instructor. This is not just an exercise class, it's a community. It's great to be able to get a workout in with your child.

Stroller Strides

Theresa J.

We love stroller strides so much. I lobe having a group of friends to work out with and be accountable with. My daughter also loves playing with everyone after class!! So glad we found this group.

Stroller Strides

Mallory D.

I found Stroller Strides during my second trimester with baby #2. It was a great fit because the high impact of running was getting too uncomfortable to continue much longer and I wanted to stay active. The instructors were awesome with helping me modify an exercise I was uncomfortable doing while pregnant and just modifications in general for exercises I didn't know needed them to help keep my injury free! Now I get to be healthy and active while bringing along my two children to involve them and model a healthy lifestyle. I am so glad I found Fit4Mom classes and my kids enjoy going as much as I do!

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Instructor Review

"Fun , encouraging, strong."

"Loved Amy!! Lots of energy and caring. "

"Amazing. "

"Again, thank you for being you! Your inspiration and commitment to us exceeded all expectations!"

"Amazing instructor that completely motivated you to push through those tough workouts."


Stroller Strides

Hannah C. (after under 1 month)

Okay, so I've been hesitant to post this because my body is no where near my goal yet. Am I perfect? No. But since I joined Fit4Mom my confidence level has gone WAY up! You don't realize how much your insecurities effect your relationships with people until you lose them! I just want everyone to know that change is possible even if you had a baby. Everybody has to start somewhere and you don't get results without putting in the effort! This is what 4 weeks of constant exercise and mostly healthy eating looks like! I can't wait to see my results year from now!

Stroller Strides

Jacquelynn C.

Stroller Strides has been a great fit for me and my son. It’s extremely important that he sees how vital exercise is to life and with Stroller Strides, he absolutely can. I’ve always been big on cardiovascular exercise and neglected muscle conditioning, but having Amy’s support and accountability has really helped me to commit and improve. Additionally, we both love the socialization. And the ability to share everyday triumphs and disappointments makes these women more than exercise buddies, they’re truly friends.

Stroller Strides

Heather K.

Absolutely love Stroller Strides! Amy does such a good job at getting me to push through and finish strong!

Stroller Strides

Raeanna B.

Stroller strides has been such an amazing thing for me & my family. I was so ready to get into shape but wasn't ready to leave my baby with people I didn't know & when I found stroller strides I was so excited! I had no idea that it would be so much more than just a workout, I feel like I've made a whole new group of friends! Amy is such an amazing, patient instructor, I feel myself getting stronger & stronger! I am so glad that I found this & gave it a shot because it was exactly what I needed!!

Stroller Strides is not just a "stroll in the park", but a challenging workout for all levels of fitness.

Serving moms in La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Deer Park, Baytown, Pasadena, Houston, and surrounding areas.